School of Health and Care

  • Vacant - School Officer
  • Blessing Jane Wemere - School Coordinator

Find out who your Rep is

Unsure of who your Education Rep and Course Reps are? You can find them below. We are currently recruiting for all open vacancies, please apply to be a rep here.

Rep of the Month - Nazeela Valiyaparambil

Nazeela commitment to excellence, strong teamwork, and relentless pursuit of goals have truly set a shining example for all of us. They have gone above and beyond to making a significant impact on the overall student experience for their cohort.

Your Course Conversations

Your Course Conversation is a chance for you to raise feedback about your course. These are co-chaired and minuted by the Education Reps. The meetings happen twice a semester and are open to ALL students and not just Reps and Staff, so why not come along and make an impact on your course today?

Look out in your timetables or any communications from us for when your next meeting is.


Previous Rep

The Rep position is open to anyone who wants to make a difference. It may be a small step, but I believe catching a small fish will help you catch a bigger one. It is giving you opportunities to come forward and be the front face of a community, and it surely rewards you at some points where you could use the experience for better results.

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