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KDSCU September Schedule

Check out our September schedule where all of our sessions for this month are free and open to all!!

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Want to see what our society is like and find out more about KDSCU?

Come along to our taster sessions which are running throughout the whole of September!! From our 2x weekly dance classes, cool socials nights and more, you'll be sure to meet many new people and have loads of fun ^_^  Our dance classes are open to people of all abilities including complete beginners, if you want to just sit in and see what they're like before participating, you're always free to do so~ 


Below is a list of all of our taster sessions:

Welcome Picnic - 17/09 from 12pm - 3pm @ The Hub

Seven by Jungkook Dance Class - 19/09 from 7pm - 9pm @ Ellen Terry ET221 

Super Shy by NewJeans Dance Class - 20/09 from 7pm - 9pm @ Ellen Terry ET221

White Tee Social Night - 21/09 from 7pm - 9:30pm @ Ellen Terry ET101

Queencard by (G)I-DLE Dance Class - 26/09 from 7pm - 9pm @ Ellen Terry ET221

Bouncy by ATEEZ Dance Class - 27/09 from 7pm - 9pm @ Ellen Terry ET221

Boba Social (details to be confirmed)


Be sure to tag along and get a taste of what KDSCU is about ^_- 

For more updates on our sessions, follow us on Instagram @kdscu and sign up your interest to our society for weekly emails~ Feel free to also send us a dm/email whenever too at >>

See you all soon!! <3 


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