Coventry University Undertakes To Provide:

  • Passionate teaching and responsive support
  • Clear learning outcomes • Appropriate and varied teaching approaches
  • Full access to appropriate learning resources
  • Equality of access and progression opportunities
  • International experiences
  • Embedded employability skills and ‘real world’ opportunities
  • Research engagement opportunities
  • Support to improve the student learning experience and address concerns
  • All staff professional development to remain up to date in their specialist areas
  • A culture of respect to all students
  • Support for the election of student representatives
  • A commitment to environmental sustainability
  • Published processes for appeals and complaints
  • Clear information about university policies, procedures and other student matters

Coventry University Students’ Union Undertakes To:

  • Represent the interests of all students at the local and national level
  • Support students to challenge and develop their own education experience
  • Develop and facilitate communications between the University and students to promote positive change
  • Provide a wide range of extra-curricular activities which shall enrich and develop the student experience
  • Encourage students to take leadership responsibilities within the Students’ Union and beyond
  • Inform and advise students and the University on issues which affect students
  • Ensure all students’ union activities are of the highest quality, innovative, accessible and meets the needs of students
  • Ensure all activities promote high standards of personal and professional conduct and respect the views of individuals
  • Demonstrate leadership in promoting academic integrity to all Coventry University students
  • Create, support and celebrate the cultures and interests of all students
  • Encourage environmental and ethical sustainability within the Students’ Union and the University

Students Are Expected To:

  • Be active participants in their own learning and extra-curricular achievements, developed throughout their studies
  • Behave with integrity at all times, taking particularly care when completing academic assessments
  • Work together to achieve mutual respect, courtesy and professionalism
  • Engage with the Students’ Union to provide representation and leadership
  • Take responsibility and initiative to communicate with the University and the Students’ Union
  • Attend scheduled activities
  • Demonstrate active citizenship
  • Contribute to course development
  • Act as ambassadors for the university

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