Disabled Students

Student on a wheelchair talking to a group of students.

This community is for any student who has a disability, including hidden disabilities like Crohn’s, Neurodivergent conditions such as autism and mental health conditions. We aim to encourage all our disabled students to use our resources, to come together and share experiences and bring positive change to disabled students’ university experience. This is your opportunity to meet like-minded people and enjoy events whilst making your voice heard. Discover useful resources, support and how to get involved below.

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Community Engagement Lead

The Disabled Students Community Engagement Lead is responsible for representing all students within the Disabled Students Community. The Community Engagement Lead represents the Community at the Communities Executive and is a key stakeholder in Disability Awareness Month. They help to run activities and deliver campaigns on issues affecting the Disabled Student Community.

The role is vacant, applications are open until 25th September. You can apply here.


Every year we commit to celebrating and promoting Disability History Month. If you would like to get involved with the planning or suggest ideas for the next Disability History Month (16th November to 16th December 2023), please contact the Disabled Students Community Engagement Lead or email community.su@coventry.ac.uk.

If you have an idea of an activity you’d like to run for the community, we can support you!

If you have an idea for a campaign you’d like to run, we can help you deliver your campaign!


Adopt the Friendly Faces Society to help raise awareness and become part of an inclusive community that works towards making a change across the campus and beyond.

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