Coming to Scarborough in January 2024?

Everything you need to know about Your Students’ Union (SU) can be found here. We’ve put together a range of events and activities to welcome you to campus and help kickstart your university experience with unforgettable memories.

We also offer a range of support services to help you settle in. Whether you need advice on housing, finances, or academic issues when your course starts, our independent, confidential advice service is here to help.

Welcome activity starts on 8 January. If you’re arriving later, don’t worry! We still have plenty of events throughout the term to help you meet other students and make new friends! There’s also loads of information on this page that you should find helpful, no matter when you arrive.

So, what is the SU?

The SU exists to enhance your experience as a student. Were independent from the university, non-profit and we’re here right from the moment you start through to graduation with events, opportunities, advice, campaigns and more.

If you are a Coventry University Group student, you’re automatically a member of the SU. Here’s just a quick snapshot of what we offer, and how you can get involved:

Our independent Advice Service provides free, confidential advice on finance, housing, and academic issues as well as wider support around safety, wellbeing and sexual health.

Join our Course Rep programme to develop new skills, meet other students, and make a real difference on campus!

Enhance the student experience by helping to run an event, activity or student group – or just come along to some of our SU events!

For now, you’re probably focused on your first few weeks, so keep on scrolling to find out what you can expect to see from us during ‘Welcome’ (or ‘Freshers’ as you might know it).

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Your Campus Officer

Emmanuella is the primary representative and spokesperson for all students at CU Scarborough. Emmanuella collects and reports student feedback, ensuring that everyone is represented and has the opportunity to shape their university experience, as well as leading on events and campaigns.

Emmanuella smilling, loking into camera

We can’t wait to meet you when you arrive!

Until then, find us on our socials @yoursu.scarborough and make sure you’ve created your profile to let us know what you want to hear more about. You can also watch our welcome video to find out more about Your Students' Union.

Julia - Activites Officer waving to the camera while sitting on stairs

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