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This is your one-stop place to access resources, come together, connect with other international students, and receive any support you may need to enhance your University experience. This community is for all students who self-define as having an international background, whether that means you have come to the UK to study or have lived in two or more cultural environments. This includes students from both within and, outside the European Union (EU).

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Community Engagement Lead
OduduAbasi Umo-Odiong(He/Him), MSc. International Business Management

What would you like to achieve in your role this year?

I aim to organize extra-curricular activities such as field trips, dinners, etc., that will enhance students’ experience, welfare and network. I hope to build a strong and positive network of international and local students as a community lead.

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Come back here for more information on the International Festival which will be running from the 22nd – 26th January 2024. If you would like to be involved in planning or suggest an idea for the International Festival, please contact the International Students Community Engagement Lead or email

If you have an idea of an activity you’d like to run for the community, we can support you! Fill in this form to tell us about your idea and we’ll contact you to discuss this.

If you have an idea for a campaign you’d like to run, fill in this form and we’ll contact you to discuss this and help you deliver your campaign!


If you are interested in joining or leading an International or Cultural Society, please see the full list below:


  • UKCISA- The UK Council for International Student Affairs is a charity that supports international students.

  • International Student Support – the pages on the University website that include support on issuing CAS letters, VISA application, booking accommodation, and travelling to the UK Guide for International Students: Coming to the UK | Coventry University.

  • International Student Compliance (ISC) Team – the ISC Team helps international students to remain compliant with current UKVI regulations. You can find their page, and how to contact the team, on the Student Portal.

  • International Student Support (ISS) Team – the ISS Team is available to support all International Students with Student Visa immigration questions. You can find their page, and how to contact the team, on the Student Portal.

  • Student Engagement Team – the student Engagement Team are your first point of contact for any issues or enquiries you might have. You can find their page, and how to contact the team, on the Student Portal.

  • Your Students Union offers free, independent, and confidential advice to all students. Find out more about Your Advice here.

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