What are digital badges?

Digital badges offer a visual representation of particular skills, knowledge or experiences that you’ve had or developed through engaging with Your Students' Union. They will be awarded for a variety of reasons, such as:

  • Attending an event, training session or workshop
  • Holding a particular student role or position
  • Developing or enhancing your skills

Digital badges are achieved online (digitally) and can be utilised and displayed in a variety of ways, to show training, education or experiences you’ve had. The platform that we use to administer badges at the SU is called Badgr.

How digital badges work?

  • Group of people icon
    Step One:

    attend a workshop, or complete a task

  • Message buble icon
    Step two:

    your participation will be recorded and submitted by staff

  • Envelop with notification sign icon
    Step three:

    your badge/s will be uploaded to Badgr and you'll get a confirmation email

  • Badge leaflet icon
    Step four:

    you can access the badge on your Badgr profile and check your progress for completing any pathways

  • Star icon
    Step five:

    share your badge and showcase your achievement!

Badge list

Click here to see all of the badges we currently have on offer.

If you would like to view the digital badges for a specific area please select which department you would like to view the badges and pathway options for, from the list below

Upcoming Events

No Upcoming Events

Badge help and support

As well as in-person workshops, we also have online training that you can complete to help you to understand how to use badges! To access that training click here.

If you require further help or support with digital badges, or have any questions, please contact the skills team: skills.su@coventry.ac.uk.

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