University Support Fund

The University Support Fund (USF) is available to students enrolled on a course at any Coventry University Group campus who are experiencing financial difficulty and need assistance with living costs as a result of an unexpected circumstance.

It cannot be used to support payment of tuition fees.

It is intended for temporary hardship and is NOT to help manage long-term financial issues.

The University Support Fund is assessed against a strict criteria and the funds are limited, so whether you get an award will depend on your individual circumstances and the availability of funds.

Am I eligible?

You must be enrolled (with attendance) for your academic year and have experienced an unexpected circumstance which has resulted in you being unable to afford essential living costs.

The circumstances must have occurred after enrolment.

You must have applied for all other financial assistance available to you (such as maintenance loan for UK students or sponsorship for international students).

What are Unexpected Circumstances?

Something which you could not predict. Examples could include:

  • Unexpected loss of job.
  • Sudden estrangement from parents/ family.
  • Diagnostic assessment e.g. for Dyslexia.
  • Your car which you require to get to placement breaking down.

Find a list of other examples of unexpected circumstances here.

How do I apply?

Read the guidance notes. Applications without evidence will not be considered and the application and evidence must be submitted virtually.

Complete the University Support Fund application form.

Attach any evidence that you have of your unexpected circumstance. Find a list of possible evidence here. Ensure that any evidence is clearly able to read and in English. Send your application and scanned evidence via email to

What happens next?

You may be asked for further evidence to support your application, so pay attention to your emails.

It can take up to 5 weeks to be processed in busier periods, but typically takes 2-3 weeks to receive an outcome.

Follow the University Support Fund workflow which guides you from submission to receiving an outcome.

How can Your Advice Service help you?

Your Advice Service can support you by discussing your financial circumstances with you, support you in making an application to the University Support Fund, and discuss with you what other financial support may be available.

You can contact us by completing an Enquiry Form.

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