A hate crime or incident is an act of violence, verbal abuse, physical abuse, discrimination or hostility motivated by prejudice based on your characteristics such as race, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion or disability. It’s never ok to be targeted because of who you, your family or your friends are. You have the right to live your life free from abuse and violence. If you’ve been the victim of a hate crime remember it is not your fault and help is available.

When you report a hate crime, you become part of the movement to stop it. Every report matters and together we can help to stop hate. Experiencing or witnessing a hate incident can also negatively impact your mental health. You could feel worried or anxious, depressed, scared or lonely. This is completely normal, and there is help and support available.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Hate Incident?

Examples of hate incidents may inlude:

  • Online abuse & bullying on social media.
  • Verbal abuse or offensive jokes.
  • Threats and intimidation.
  • Harassment.
  • Abusive phone calls or text messages.

What Is A Hate Crime?

When hate incidents are also criminal offences (breaking the law) they are known as Hate Crimes. Examples of hate crimes include:

  • Theft.
  • Physical Assault.
  • Sexual Assault.
  • Criminal damage.
  • Harassment.

Who Can Make A Report?

Anyone who has experienced or witnessed a hate crime or incident can make a report. If you don't want to make the report yourself, you can speak to a third party hate crime reporting centre such as the Your SU Advice, who can make the report on your behalf. You can also report a hate crime or incident anonymously if you wish to.

Can I Report A Student Or Staff Member At The University?

Yes. The expert advisors at the university and Your SU can also provide support, advocacy and advice to you about your options and provide further support if your experience has impacted upon your academic, financial or housing circumstances.

What If I'm Not Sure It Was A Hate Incident Or Crime?

You may be unsure whether the incident is a criminal offence, or you may think it’s not serious enough to be reported. However, even if you're not sure, it’s always best to report it. Our advisors at Your SU, can offer you support and guidance on understanding your situation, and making a report.

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