What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file downloaded to your device (e.g. phone, computer) when you visit a website. While using the site (or when you revisit the site) it can check your cookies to let the site recognise your device. The site can then use the information stored in that cookie to improve your experience, understand how you've used the site before, and support functionality within the site.

Cookies can be persistent, which means they remain on your device for a fixed period of time. Even after you leave the site the cookie remains on your device and if you revisit the site during the time window the site can read that cookie and recognise your device.

Session cookies are linked to a single browser session. Unlike a persistent cookie once you close the browser all session cookies are deleted. They are generally used to support actions you're taking while using a site (e.g. remembering the campus you have selected).

Our site makes use of a range of cookie types, some are strictly necessary for the site to work, others are there to improve performance or make use of certain functions on the site.

Our Cookies

ASP.NET_SessionID - this cookie contains a unique session identifier and nothing else. It's a session cookie so is removed from your device once you close the browser. This cookie is strictly necessary.

ASPXAUTH - this cookie is only stored if you log in to the site. It stores an encrypted identifier that identifies your account to the site. By default it is a session cookie and removed once you close the browser. If you choose to use the Remember Me option it is stored as a persistent cookie for 3 months. This cookie is strictly necessary.

AntiXsrfToken - this cookie helps prevent Cross-Site Request Forgery attacks. It's a session cookie so is removed from your device once you close the browser. This cookie is strictly necessary.

Monitoring cookies - we make use of several third party tools in order to monitor performance and usage of the site. These include New Relic, Google and Hotjar. These cookies are non-essential.

Location select - this cookie identifies which campus you have selected as your ‘home’ campus, we use this to determine which navigation and root pages to display. It’s a persistent cookie and required for the site to function correctly.

Preferences - from time to time we make use of cookies to remember preferences, for example that you have seen a certain notification. These cookies may be persistent or session cookies and are generally non-essential, though without them you will have a less optimal experience using the site.

Third party - we make use of integrations with some third-party services (for example social media platforms), where we do, those platforms may drop cookies. Those sites can’t read our cookies and we can’t read the cookies they may drop. Please check third-party service privacy policies for more details about their cookies.

Disabling cookies

By using the site you agree to accept cookies, but should you wish to disable them there are browser tools and settings for this. Find out how to block cookies.

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