Awards and Recognition

Students celebrating awards from a previous event

What should you know?

  • Your End of Year Celebration: At the end of every year we'll host a societies celebration event to celebrate all your achievements! Watch this space.
  • Leadership Award: All Society Committee Members are eligible to apply for a leadership award (Bronze, Silver or Gold!).
  • All Society Committee members can work towards Digital Badges as part of their roles and responsibilities.

Society of the month

Every month our Society Executive meet to vote on the Society of the month!  It's an opportunity to celebrate the success and achievements of a society that shone on a specific month.
Think your society has done well this month? 

Society excellence awards

SU Societies are some of the most hard working and successful students on campus and we want to acknowledge the great work they do.

We have created a Societies Excellence scheme that rewards standards, activities and performance. We want our societies to be rewarded and attain bronze, silver or gold standard.

Bronze Award Icon


You must complete 8 criteria.
You'll receive a digital package with Your Society Website Rosette, email signature and you will be highlighted in our Society Excellence Article.

Silver Award Icon


You must complete 12 criteria.
You'll receive all of the Bronze package PLUS... a Social Media Spotlight from the Students' Union. 

Gold Award Icon


You must complete 17 criteria.
If you achieve Gold Standard you'll receive Bronze and Silver awards PLUS... Society Honours spotlight and a Media Package including a photoshoot, interview and media spotlight!


Best Practice




Elect a committee

Work to elect a new committee for the next academic year Email confirmation from your coordinator outlining a partial or fully elected committee.
Take part in fresher's Fair Host a stall in Freshers Fair in the September, January or May welcome fairs Make sure to register for a stall space when booking becomes available and take a photo of your stall!
Posted on Your SU spaces Post at least twice a year in your Your SU spaces Take a screenshot of your post to submit
Endorse a candidate Endorse a candidate in the spring SU elections Inform your coordinator who you will be endorsing
Posted your events on the website Publish your society events on the SU website for all to see, you can add tickets and monitor attendance. Copy down the links to your events and/ or take a screenshot
Attend workshops Have your committee members attend workshop sessions. Register your attendance at the workshop





Guest speakers

Host two Guest speaker events

Have submitted a guest speaker request, posted the event on the website. Take a photo at your event too!

Collaborating within the SU

Collaborate with another Society or SU department on an event Complete your Activity Request Form and include the associated parties within the descriptions. Keep in regular communication with your coordiinator on the event progress.


Host two socials Complete your activity request and make sure to add your event to the website, Take photos of the event also.





Community volunteering

Carry out a volunteering project for the local community

Submit a paragraph about your activity, attach any photos. You should keep in good communication with your coordinator throughout the project too.


Fundraise for a community project or charity according to SU guidelines.  You should have submitted an activity request form and kept in good communication with your coordinator. You should be able to submit receipts of finances and/or have an approved SGF request showing the movement of funds.

Community collaboration

Collaborate with members of the local community for an event e.g. schools, local organisations/charities Keep in regular communication with your coordinator to progress this collaboration

CU group partnership

Host one partnership event with another CU Group Campus (CU Coventry, CU London and CU Scarbrough) Complete an activity request for the collaboration, have this approved, add it to your minisite and host the event






Host an event in collaboration with an SU elected representative (Reps, Full-time Officers or Part-time Officers)

Complete an activity request for the collaboration, have this approved, add the event to your society minisite

Academic events

Hold 2 support sessions for your course Complete an activity request for the 2 events, have these approved, add it to your minisite and host the event
Host an academic guest speaker event Host a guest speaker for your academic related event Have a guest speaker approved and host them at a society event, add the event to your society minisite
Lecture visit Present at a lecture you attend, whether it's a full hour slot or a 5 minute introduction Request an email confirmation from the relevant academic staff member to confirm you delivered a presentation about the society





Development plan

Complete and action your development plan Book and attend a meeting with your coordinator to review and sign off the development plan
Sponsorship Gain a sponsorship of any value for your society Have a sponsorship agreement approved and implemented, submit the sponsorship agreement
Coordinator collab Meet with our coordinator at least twice a semester Submit the dates you met with them on, your coordinator will verify this
Apply for funding Apply for a development grant or start up fund for the society Submit your application form, your coordinator will verify this

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