• Keeping ActiveSport and Physical Activity

    Did you know that Your Union runs 40 sports clubs to help you keep moving and make new friends? From eSports to equestrian, hockey to basketball, there are options for all interests. If you’re in Coventry, we also have the Sports and Recreation Centre, based close to The Hub, who offer a range of discounted options.

  • University GP SurgeryGet Medical Support

    All students should medical doctor (GP/General Practitioner) as soon as possible, to ensure they receive adequate healthcare. To make this easier, Coventry University has its own medical centre on campus to support you for free!

  • Healthy EatingWe run workshops and have our own SU cookbook

    Worried about how to satisfy that stomach in a healthy, eco-conscious and cost-effective way? Your SU are here to help with a cookbook created by recipes submitted by students and staff. The book includes cost estimates for ingredients, top tips, and meal planners to ensure you can always make time for the food your body needs.

  • Sexual Wellbeing & Your BodyDid you know we provide FREE sexual wellbeing packs?

    Physical wellbeing also extends to sexual health. This is why Your Union have set up a dedicated support Hub to ensure you have all the info and resources to keep yourselves safe, happy and healthy. You can also find support if you are experiencing Period Poverty.

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