How Your Students' Union Works

People walking around the hub entrance

Your SU is a charity that is dedicated to improving the lives of all students studying at Coventry University. We are a student-led organisation that puts students at the heart of our decision making.

Who runs Your SU?

As our name would do! Each year we elect 13 students from across the campuses to become our elected officer team. These elected students make decisions and set direction on behalf of the student body for their year in office. Of course we have staff to help the Officers run the show, however the big decisions are made by those elected representatives.

How does this work?

So in order to make sure the Union is running smoothly we have a collection of different meetings that run throughout the year. These meetings officer chances for students to make change within the Union.

Board of Trustees

Your SU is overseen by our Board of Trustees. This is a collection of Students, University Staff and Externals that ensure the Union remains sustainable in terms of finance, legality and reputational status. They set the overall strategy and oversee the management of the permanent Union Staff. 

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