For many, University life involves moving away from home. There are several types of accommodation available and we want to make you aware of the most common types.

We hope this information supports you in making a more informed decision; you should not feel pressured into signing a tenancy agreement straight away, seek advice from Your Students' Union Advice Service if you feel you need it. 

University Owned Halls Of Residence 

The University owns several Halls of Residence that are managed by the FutureLets lettings agency.

This type of accommodation is popular with first year undergraduate and postgraduate students as it is easier to arrange through the University. 

  • Better security with a manned reception desk and access to the University Protection Service 

  • Varied rooms available such as studio rooms, shared flats and optional ensuite bathrooms. 

  • Rent is usually inclusive of utility bills 

  • Often close to or on campus 

  • Some offer catered accommodation options 

  • More opportunities to meet new people 

  • Offer individual contracts 

  • Often more expensive than other accommodation options 

  • Usually have to use paid washing machines in communal areas 

Private Halls Of Residence 

There is an abundance of private halls of residence either in or close to Coventry City Centre. This type of accommodation is similar to University-Owned Halls, with a few key differences: 

  • Less likely to have a catered accommodation option 

  • More secure with manned reception though no access to the University Protection Service 

  • Often have longer contracts (usually 51 weeks)  

Private House Or Flat Share 

Privately renting a room in a shared house or flat is a popular option for those on a budget, those who want to move in with a group of friends or like shared communal areas, and those who prefer houses to halls.

  • Can offer the option to rent with friends 

  • Can be cheaper especially when splitting household bills 

  • Varied priced accommodation available 

  • Less privacy with shared communal areas 

  • Joint responsibility for rent, bills and cleaning 

  • Varied quality accommodation so you will need to check thoroughly during viewings 

  • Varied levels of security 

Privately Renting Alone 

Some students may prefer to live on their own for various reasons. Here are some features to consider with these types of accommodations. 

  • Varied accommodation available e.g. studios, flats and houses 

  • Individual contract 

  • More privacy and freedom 

  • Often more expensive and bills may be exclusive of rent 

  • Varied security 

  • May still have to use paid washing machines in communal areas 

  • Can be lonely for some students 

Living With A Resident Landlord 

A cheaper option is renting with a resident landlord and becoming a lodger; it is important to note that under these circumstances you will have less rights than a tenant. 

  • Contracts may be fixed for a certain period of time or be flexible

  • Can be cheaper than other renting options 

  • Rent may be inclusive of bills

  • There might be house-rules that restrict your freedom & independence

You can learn more about lodging on the Citizens Advice Bureau Webpage

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