Who you live with is really important! If you're moving into halls you won't be choosing who you live with specifically, but if you're moving into a house you will be living with a smaller group of people with more communal spaces.

How To Find Housemates

If you're not sure where to start we have a Housemates Forum where you can post to find potential housemates. We also have live events you can use to chat to a lot of potential housemates and connect with the ones who made the best impression.

If you're a returning student you might already have people in mind from your course, your clubs and societies, or previous accommodation.

Use our housemate forum if you're looking for housemates in:

What To Look For In Housemates
  • Would you like to live with students studying the same or a similar course?
  • Would you like to live with students from a similar background to you, or who share your language or culture?
  • Would you like to live with students who share your interests and hobbies?
  • What sort of lifestyle do you like? If you like quiet study time but your housemate likes to party late you might not be compatible!

Ultimately there's no magic formula to finding the right housemates! The best thing is to be honest with your potential housemates about the sort of household you'd like to live in so you are all more likely to end up happy with your choices.

The Contract

Once you've found your housemates, before any of you sign the contract make sure:

  • Everyone has the right to be in the UK
  • Everyone understands the contract before they sign it
  • Everyone is clear what happens if someone drops out; the rest of you may have to cover their rent
  • Everyone is able to afford the rent, and any other costs (e.g. bills) that may be on top of that
  • Everyone is in agreement about whose name the bills will be in and how they will be paid

Once you sign you're legally bound to the contract so it's worth making sure everyone is clear and in agreement before signing.

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