What To Do When Moving In...

  • If you pay bills separately, take meter readings for your water, electricity and if applicable gas. Submit these to your current suppliers to avoid paying the previous tenant's bills.
  • If you have gas, ensure you have a gas safety certificate for the property.These safety checks should be arranged yearly by the landlord or lettings agency.
  • Regularly check all smoke alarms work and plan an exit route in the event of a fire.
  • Take photos to document the condition inside the property and contact thelandlord or agency if there is any damage or issues.
  • Complete an inventory and return to your agency or landlord. This should detail all items in the property and their condition. If you are not supplied one,you can download your own.
  • Check how your deposit is protected. It is a legal requirement that your landlord or agency protects your deposit in a deposit protection scheme. Within 30 days of paying your deposit you should receive further information on how it is protected.
  • Take out Contents Insurance to cover your personal belongings. You can search for the best offers using insurance comparison sites.
  • Check your local council website to find your bin collection schedule and confirm what can be put in each type of bin.
  • Consider saying hello and introducing yourself to neighbours!

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