What To Do When Moving Out...

  • Check your tenancy agreement to find your notice period and/or enddate. If necessary give notice to the landlord or agency in the specified time.
  • If you pay utility bills, contact your suppliers in advance to inform them ofyour tenancy end date. Read any meters on your last day and submit themfor your final bill.
  • A few weeks before moving, sort your belongings into those that need to be donated, binned or taken with you. Ensure you donate appropriate items and properly dispose of items by checking the local council and charity websites for more information - some may offer collection services!
  • Clean the entire property prior to leaving, ensuring it is at least in the same condition it was when you first moved in. This includes but is not limited tobedrooms, corridors, bathrooms, walls, kitchen, lounge, stairs, outdoor space /cellar (if you have them).
  • Arrange your landlord's belongings as they were when you first moved in (e.g. furniture, decor etc.) If necessary ensure you replace or repair anymissing/damaged items otherwise a lot of money may be taken out of your deposit to cover this.
  • Take photos to document the condition inside & outside the property just before leaving - this may help if there are any disputes later on.

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