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Have you downloaded the SafeZone App? SafeZone is a free app that promotes safety across Coventry University campuses. SafeZone enables you to call for help when you need it most, giving you fast access to university response teams whenever and wherever you are on campus. Users should log on to the app using their normal university sign-in details.

  1. Drugs

    There is no way to use drugs 100% safely, so the best option is not to take them at all! However, if you are going to take drugs:

    Know what you're taking: Never take unknown substances, especially from people you don't know.

    Avoid mixing: You should always avoid mixing alcohol with drugs.

    Don't rush: If you don’t feel the effects of the drug straight away, don’t take more. This can lead to accidental overdose.

    Ask for help: It's important to be honest about your use - don't avoid asking for help. Remember, support services are available.

  2. Alcohol

    Know your intake: You should drink no more than 14 units per week/ If you want to keep track of your alcohol consumption, you can download the MyDrinkAware app.

    Alternate & hydrate: Drinking a glass of water between your drinks keeps you hydrated and reduces your alcohol consumption.

    Eat before you drink: When there is food in your stomach before drinking, alcohol is absorbed more slowly.

    You don’t need to drink!: There is no pressure to consume alcohol at any time during university, and you can enjoy yourself just as much (if not more) whilst sober.

  3. Safe Sex

    Sex is not something that has to happen on a night out, however it is something that many students choose to engage in following a night out.

    Get Consent: It’s key that before engaging in sexual activity, you understand consent and the impact alchohol & drugs may have on this.

    Stock Up: If you feel you might have sex on your night out, ensure you carry the safe sex supplies you need which might include lube sachets and condoms - and use them!

    Next Steps: Remember to take care of your sexual wellbeing. There are many ways to get free STI tests , many of which you can do at home! If you think your safe sex supplies might have failed, you might also choose to consider the use of emergency contraception, you can find your local service here.

  4. Travel

    Public Transport: Save bus/train timetables on your phone, and set an alarm on your phone so you don't miss your last one!

    Taxis: Prebook your taxi where possible, and always ensure your taxi is licenced. Never get into a vehicle with a stranger. Remember, no journey is ever too short.

    Walking: If you have to walk home, don’t go alone, where possible make sure you walk home with the people you went out with. Stick to well-lit main roads and visible walking routes and always walk so that you’re facing the oncoming traffic. Avoid canals and bodies of water.

    Track your journey: Use your smartphone to share your location with a friend or family member. Be aware of your surroundings, wearing headphones or talking on the phone reduces your awareness of what’s going on around you.

  5. Organise

    Take what you need: Only take what you need with you, and avoid taking lots of valuables or large amounts of cash with you.

    Plan your journey home: Plan how you're getting home and remember to prebook travel where you can.

    Let others know your plan: Make sure you let other people know what your plan is for the evening, you might consider letting people know what time you plan to be home, and where you're likely to visit.

    Prep is EVERYTHING: Appoint a place wherever you are to meet your friends if you get lost.

  6. Support

    Stay together: If you are socialising with other people, make sure you stay together where you can and ensure no one is left on their own.

    Be an active bystander: Watch out for the safety of others. If you see someone in trouble, consider alerting people who can help, and if safe to do so, ask the person if they are okay.

    Keep in touch: If you plan on going somewhere else or going home, let everyone know that you came with. Make sure you all have each other’s numbers/WhatsApp group so that you can find each other and keep in touch.

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