Students with Responsibilities

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This community is for students who are parents, carers, mature students or working students. Here you can organise socials to come together and connect with other students with responsibilities or organise a campaign on issues affecting the community.

Below are some stats that show why this community is so important.

  • Balancing childcare and/or other caring responsibilities: 43% of mature students report having a child or adult dependent on them in some capacity, which means they have to manage these responsibilities around their learning and contact hours. Source Article

  • They are less likely to continue with their studies, with 15.2% of mature students dropping out of their courses after the first year and they are also less likely than young students to go on to further study if they graduate. Source Article

  • Do not feel like they can socially integrate into a university community which can lead to feelings of stress and isolation – according to an NUS survey of mature students who left their degrees early were more likely to report not being involved with university life and felt unable to develop relationships with fellow students and staff at their institution. Source Article

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If you have an idea of an activity you’d like to run for the community, we can support you!

If you have an idea for a campaign you’d like to run, we can help you deliver your campaign!


Find out more about Societies at Your Students Union here.


  • Coventry University Nursery – information on the University Nursery can be found on the Student Portal.

  • Pregnancy and New Mothers – information on pregnancy and for new mothers can be found on the Student Portal.

  • Your Students Union offers free, independent, and confidential advice to all students. Find out more about Your Advice here.

  • Success Coaches offer a monthly get together for all carers on the last Wednesday of each month, from 11am-12.30pm in the Coach House. Find out more about Young Adult Carers Support here.

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