Language Exchange Society Session!

Language Exchange

Language Exchange Society is all about embracing our passion for making new friends from all over the world and bringing like-minded people together to engage in fun activities, games, and socials!

Richard Crossman 249 (RC249)


Monday 29 May 2023


6:30pm - 8:15pm


About the event

About the event

Hi everyone and welcome to Coventry University Language Exchange Society! We're all about having an amazing time getting to meet a great bunch of multicultural and diverse people just like you. 

Our sessions start with an icebreaker which could be a fun game of human bingo or Chinese whispers followed by a short presentation and quiz about a country/language of focus. In the rest of the session, we have interactive games such as Mafia or group competitions such as guess the language. After every session, we head on down to Quids Inn for a social with FREE PIZZA!

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