Lead An Established Society To Success

Adopt a Society- Lead an established society to success

This is like a fast-track version of starting a new society.

The Societies below have previously been active but currently do not have a student committee leading them. A selection of them may have some money in their account, some resources and members wanting to join. They need a President, Inclusions Officer, Treasurer and you can add additional roles of your choice e.g. Vice President, Events Manager, Social Media Coordinator.

That’s where you come in. If you want to take on a leadership role in any of the Societies listed below then all you need to do is complete the adoption form here and send it to London.su@coventry.ac.uk. They are voluntary roles that provide you with a range of skills that would look great on your CV to future employers. We will provide you with committee training so you are ready to take on your new role, and we will support you throughout the year to lead the society to success. If you would like more information please email London.su@coventry.ac.uk


  • Accounting and Finance

    Coventry University Accounting & Finance Society (CUAFS) is a student-led society at Coventry University which aims to bridge the gap between academic studies and the professional world.

  • Acting - CU Scarborough

    We are the group for all students studying Acting at CU Scarborough! We arrange trips and outing, talks and lectures, as well as socials and nights out.

  • Activism Society
  • Advertising and Marketing

    The Advertising and Marketing Society's main objective is to show students that the science of business and marketing can be both educational and fun!

  • Afghan Society

    Afghan Society of Coventry University (ASCU) promotes Afghan culture, values norms and traditions through hosting cultural & educational events as well as bringing Afghans together on campus.

  • Agri-Food Business and Entrepreneurship Society

    The aim of the society is to promote the exchange of knowledge, information and ideas among students regarding entrepreneurship, food, agriculture, agritech, agribusiness and start ups.

  • Ahlulbayt

    The Ahlulbayt Society is focused on providing a safe space for predominantly Muslims who love and wish to follow the philosophical path of the Ahlulbayt, the family of the Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH

  • Airsoft

    We are the Coventry University Airsoft Society. We bring together like minded people who enjoy Airsofting, and we also encourage people to get into this sport.

  • Albanian
  • Algerian Society

    Hi and welcome to our society. Join us to enjoy great activities including date filling, origami, Algerian storytelling, cultural and language exchange, discounts and so much more..

  • Allied Health and Life Sciences - CU London

    We are the community for students studying health courses. We want you to have the best experience in and out of the classroom.

  • Allied Health and Life Sciences - CU Scarborough

    We are the community for students studying health courses. We want you to have the best experience in and out of the classroom.

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Join us to explore all elements and applications of the AI industry!

  • Asian - CU London

    We are CU London's Asian Society.

  • Aviation Society

    Aviation-focused community connects like-minded students who share their passion for aviation while participating in weekly events—an opportunity to network and explore the aviation industry.

  • Azerbaijan

    A society to educate people and celebrate the Azerbaijan culture

  • Bahraini Students Society

    The Bahraini Students society aims to support new and existing Bahraini students at Coventry, as well as promoting and celebrating Bahraini culture.

  • Basketball - CU London

    The CU London Basketball Society is here with the aim of bringing every-one together through teamwork and the enjoyment of basketball.

  • Bethel Student Society
  • Black Asian & Minority Ethnic (BAME) Network - CU London

    The Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Community is a space to share your ideas, opinions and concerns about your student experience. We organise events, campaigns and make lasting change on campus.

  • Book Club

    Book Club Society invites students from all over the university, regardless of the course, to participate in reading a book monthly.

  • Bright Futures

    Bright Futures aims to provide students with employment opportunities, business contacts and student insights into leadership roles.

  • British Red Cross Society

    This society is all about understanding and building networks within the British red cross and it's teachings.

  • Bulgarian

    The Bulgarian Society provides a platform to unite and support Bulgarian students, as well as celebrating Bulgarian holidays and cultural traditions.

  • Business & Management - CU Scarborough

    We are the network and community for students at Scarborough studying: Business Management and Leadership & Sport and Leisure Management

  • Business Society - CU London

    We are the network and community for students at CU London studying: Business Management and Leadership & Sport and Leisure Management

  • Chemistry Society
  • Chess Society

    Chess Society is where students come together to play chess competitively or just for fun.

  • Children and Young People's Society
  • Chinese

    The Chinese Society is aimed at helping Chinese students get the most of their international university experience, and promoting Chinese culture and tradition on campus.

  • Civil Engineering

    The society aims to unite all CAB students (Civil Engineering, Architecture, and Building Students) and to create a community that will help students improve and standout !

  • Classical Music

    The Classical Music Society welcomes anyone who loves to indulge in classical music to unwind. We offer a space for playing instruments and engaging in social activities to meet like-minded people.

  • Commercial Awareness

    Weekly commercial awareness articles

  • Commonwealth Independent States
  • Conservative Society

    Conservative Society brings together like-minded students for the discussions on politics, campaigns, events and topical debates.

  • Cooking

    Coventry University Cooking Society is a society which aims to help students enjoy creating and eating food with like minded individuals

  • Coventry Bengali Society

    Our society sets out to gather people from different backgrounds in order to promote the social and cultural traditions and customs of Bangladesh and its people.

  • Coventry Marxist Students Society

    The Socialist Students are a community of like-minded students who debate, discuss, and campaign on issues relevant to the community. We play an active role on campus and also the wider community

  • Criminology

    The Criminology Society is an academic society that is open to everyone with any interest in the subject. We aim to develop knowledge through fun activities, such as crime nights and debates.

  • CSSA

    The CSSA (Chinese Students and Scholars Association) aims to connect and unite Chinese Students within the campus, helping them to adapt to a new learning environment abroad.

  • Cyber Security Society

    Within our society, you can deepen your knowledge about Cyber Security, get updated about the latest trends in IT, prepare your career, improve your networking, and refine your skills.

  • Czecho-Slovakian Society

    We would love to show other students our culture through our dishes, traditions and have fun. We will hold regular meetings such as board games and movie nights as well as some exciting trips.

  • Design Society

    Creating a collaboration between all design subjects & those with interests in design & the different years of study, to encourage growth, confidence & understanding of the creative design

  • Disabled Students Network - CU London

    Our aim is to support all Disabled Students at CU London to have the best university experience. We campaign & run events to make CU London accessible & inclusive.

  • DJ, MC & Producer Society

    The DJ, MC and Producer Society allows students to further explore their interests in Djing and Producing. The goal is to bring beginners and professionals together to create an inspiring environment.

  • Dominion City

    Dominion city is a Christian Society with a vision to help develop leaders through teaching of Bible principles and help better society as a result.

  • DRC Drone Enthusiasts Society

    A society for those interested in flying and designing drones, or engineering aspects of the technology.

  • East African Society

    East African Society. Movie Nights, Games Nights, Debates and more. Bringing tradition all under one common theme; Unity

  • Economics

    This society is for those who have a passion/ interest in Economics, how it affects our daily decisions, and how we can leverage it to create a better future.

  • Education - CU Coventry
  • Education - CU London

    We are the education society. We organise social events, trips and academic activities for all Primary Education and Early Childhood students.

  • Egyptian Society
  • ELSA

    ELSA is committed to improving knowledge in law, and opportunities and experiences in learning first hand about human rights.

  • Employability and Networking

    Welcome! We are Coventry University Employability and Networking Society. Our aim is to help you become more employable and achieve your professional aspirations.

  • Enactus Coventry

    At Enactus Coventry, we create opportunities and provide resources that helps students run commercial and social enterprise projects locally or internationally to help those less fortunate.

  • English Language

    Literature Society aims to aims to hold discussions and events around literature, film, and theatre, as well as promoting literary events and areas of study.

  • Enterprise Society

    Welcome to the Enterprise Society! Our aim is to build a bridge between University and Business. What we do is to create a community on campus that helps every student extend their skills.

  • ESN Coventry

    Supporting, integrating, entertaining and providing opportunities for cultural understanding and self-development for International and EU students in the Coventry University community.

  • Fashion Society

    This is the fashion society, made of students who want to develop and expand knowledge and interest in fashion. If you share the same passion, join us!

  • Financial Trading Society

    We are a member driven, career enhancing platform that meet weekly to bring you exciting and new opportunities that will make your uni experience the best it can be!

  • Football
  • Forensic

    Join the forensics society to explore your passion for forensics with other like-minded people in a social setting. The society is open to any student from any faculty.

  • French Society

    To encourage French students to settle into the UK whilst also celebrating French culture.

  • Friendly Faces

    A society for disabled students, their friends, allies, and carers at the university. Our aim is to create a community that can provide help and support for disabled students.

  • Game Design & Development

    Welcome to GDS! The purpose of this society is to create a space where developers of all skill-level can find a hub to share ideas, learn the basics, show off their work, and create a community.

  • Gaming

    Gaming Society is the place to be if you love games! We play video games, PC games and Tabletop games, so there's something for everyone. A relaxed environment to play and meet new people.


    3D printing, Prototyping, Electronics. Isn't that Geeky? Let's prototype together. Sessions every week. Mentorships and trip to a hackathon provided.

  • Geography

    Encouraging students with a passion for Geography and other subjects to come and get involved in related activities, events, and trips.

  • Ghanaian Society

    Representing the interests of the diaspora, this society is based around the ideals of unity, collectivism and raising awareness surrounding our culture, our people and our community. Akoma Ntoso!

  • Global Business Management - COVUNILDN
  • Gospel Rhythms

    Gospel Rhythms is a society that blends worship and music for a creative, unique society that has a close student community.

  • Greek & Cypriot

    Supporting Greek and Cypriot students during their time studying at Coventry University with social events and community support.

  • HEMA Society

    Welcome to HEMA Swordfighting Society! This is the place for you if you’ve ever wanted to learn a swordfighting martial art!

  • Hong Kong

    The Hong Kong Society aims to promote Hong Kong culture, support Hong Kong students, and build up a social community at Coventry University.

  • Illustration

    The Illustration Society is a group of people all enthusiastic about drawing, regardless of skill level or experience, to create a fun, creative environment.

  • Indonesian

    The purpose of this organisation is to extend and create sense of belonging between Indonesian Student in Coventry.

  • Indonesian - COVUNILDN

    A society to focus more on Indonesian culture and create more bond within Indonesian students.

  • International Students Network - CU London

    Our community celebrates the diversity we have on campus and organises different events to make sure all students are represented and included.

  • Italian Society

    Official Italian Society, created to promote the Italian culture in the UK, this society is focused on organising Italian-style events concerning food, sport, parties, cultural and leisure trips.

  • Jaat Kaum Society

    A society to enrich the traditions of Jaats, a community from the states of Delhi, Haryana, UP, Rajasthan, Punjab and so on.

  • Jewish

    The Jewish Society aims to provide a space for Jewish students to meet on Campus. We promote Judaism and have regular meetings and socials with students.

  • Korean

    The Korean Society aims to celebrate and promote all aspects of Korea, including cultural aspects like food, music, and language, to all students.

  • Krishna Consciousness Society

    KCSoc is an exciting, dynamic platform that promotes positive transformation enabling you to experience life on a whole new level! Perfect for those who are curious about the deeper issues in life!

  • Kuwait Society

    Kuwait Society aims to bring together Kuwait students at Coventry University, and to promote cultural heritage and traditions of Kuwait.

  • Language Exchange

    Language Exchange Society is all about embracing our passion for making new friends from all over the world and bringing like-minded people together to engage in fun activities, games, and socials!

  • Latin American
  • Law

    We are CU Scarborough’s Law Society. The legal professional has a history of trainee practitioners developing local Law Societies that furthers legal practice and understanding beyond the classroom.

  • League of Legends Society

    League of Legends is the largest online multiplayer video game for PC - students will be able to come together to play League of Legends and make new friends in person and create NUEL teams together.

  • LGBTQIA+ - CU Scarborough

    We exist for everyone. Whether you identify as LGBTQIA+ or not, we work to provide a safe and inclusive space.

  • Libellum

    Connecting finance student and business field students in general in order to enhance the relations and cooperation at university, increase motivation level and possibly create new businesses.


    LINKS works with St John Ambulance to provide first aid training and first aid cover at events in the area and nationwide.

  • London Explorers - CU London

    We are the London Explorers! We're a group of students who love spending our free time exploring the tourist hot spots and hidden gems of London. Join us!

  • Magic Society

    Official Magic Society of Coventry University

  • Malaysian-Singaporean Society

    The Malaysian-Singaporean Society targets Malaysian and Singaporean students at Coventry University to ensure they can get the best international experience during their study.

  • Management Society

    To aid students throughout their academic journey by providing a society that brings not only their course content together but helps them to gain a better understanding of the managerial needs.

  • Marketing, Fashion, Hospitality and Tourism

    We are a group of Marketing, Fashion, Hospitality & Tourism Students studying on courses at Coventry Univeristy's London campus (CovUniLDN).

  • Marrow

    Without you, there is no cure. We aim to recruit individuals to the stem cell register on behalf of Anthony Nolan, to give blood cancer patients and others in need a second chance at life.

  • Master Bakers

    Master Bakers is all about baking! Whether you're a novice or a pro, come along and share your love of all baked goods.

  • Maths

    The Maths society is open to all students in the university. Whether you're in need of some extra help or just want to have fun, we are the society for you!

  • MBA Society

    The MBA society will help students integrate into their courses, student life and living in a different country, to build long last relationships that will help students in the future.

  • Mechanical Engineering

    In the Mechanical Engineering Society, our goal is to encourage networking and have fun whilst doing so!

  • MedPharm

    We wish to create an environment welcoming all new students to our University by creating the MedPharm family. Offering you guidance as well as an environment where you can relax and have fun!

  • Midwifery

    The Coventry University Midwifery Society is available for all current HLS students at Coventry University and CU Coventry. We offer discounted study days and conferences and social events.

  • Movie Club

    Coventry University Movie Club society is a place where fans of film can meet up and share their love for the world of the silver screen! We do cinema trips, film screenings and discussions!

  • News and Discuss

    News and Discuss is a society that uses fun and engaging activities to discuss and learn topics drawn from the news. This could be sourced from news channels, Facebook and any social media!

  • Nintendo Society

    For all things Nintendo! Tournaments, Socials, Nintendo Direct, and more! Everything from Mario and Pokemon to Starfox and Punch-Out!!

  • North African Society

    The North African Society is here to bring together North African students and share culture and traditions with others.

  • Nursing

    We are the community for students from across Adult Nursing, Mental Health Nursing & Learning Disabilities. We also incorporate students from the Training Nursing Associates group.

  • Nutrition, Food & Health Society

    We are super excited for this upcoming year, with loads to offer you. We are a fun and innovative society who pride ourselves on our welcoming and friendly nature and our non-exclusivity to any course

  • Occupational Therapy

    We are passionate about bringing students from all years together, promoting occupational therapy, creating CPD opportunities and most importantly having fun.

  • Omani

    The Omani Society brings together Omani students from all across campus to represent and create a student community here at Coventry.

  • Pakistani - COVUNILDN

    The Pakistani Society was created to celebrate the culture of Pakistani students, as well as students from other countries in South Asia, studying a Coventry University, London.

  • Palestinian

    The Palestinian Society provides a networking space for Palestinian students to share their cultural and social interests, as well as provide a guide to student life on campus.

  • Philosophy Society

    A society to share similar, or dissimilar, ideas with a vast amount of fellow members, but also give us a platform in which we can discuss important topics that may not be discussed anywhere else

  • Photo Club Society

    Aimed at up-skilling young people in all forms of media including photography and videography. If you want to learn how to increase your craft, monetise your skill and join a team. This is the place.

  • Policing - CU London

    We are the Academic Society for Policing. We aim to bring together all students on the course for both professional development outside of the classroom and social community building too

  • Policing - CU Scarborough

    We are the Academic Society for Policing. We aim to bring together all students on the course for both professional development outside of the classroom and social community building too

  • Polish Society

    We aim to bring all students together – whether Polish, international or home, through a range of various events and activities during the academic year.

  • Postgraduate Community - COVUNILDN

    We are the Postgraduate Community. we aim to run events, make positive changes and support all Postgraduate students at Cov Uni London

  • Postgraduate Society

    The Postgrad Research Society aims to support research students to enrich your experience at university. Organising networking events, socials, trips, talks and many more!

  • Proton Church Society

    Join us to meet like minded people!

  • Punjabi Society

    The Punjabi Society will try to bring and diversify nations together and welcomes members who want to gain knowledge about the culture.

  • Quickfeet Dance School

    We offer professionally taught dance classes in Dance Acrobatics, Acrobatic Rock 'n' Roll, Street Dance and Bulgarian Folk Dances. First-time dancer or trained professional? Come dance with us!

  • Raising and Giving

    Raising and Giving (RAG) is dedicated to fundraising for multiple charities throughout the year in a variety of ways.

  • Reggaeton & Hip Hop

    WELCOME TO FRESHERS AND RETURNERS! We are a brand new dance society all about learning how to dance in the style of Reggaeton, incorporating hip hop as well! This is a beginners style group!

  • Romania Community
  • Romanian - CU London

    Join the Romanian Society.

  • Rotaract Society

    In communities worldwide, Rotary and Rotaract members work side by side to take action through service. From big cities to rural villages, Rotaract is changing communities.

  • Run Club - COVUNILDN

    We’re a group of mixed ability students who want to hang out, get a bit fitter and want to be social doing it.

  • Running Club - CU London

    We’re a group of mixed ability students who want to hang out, get a bit fitter and want to be social doing it.

  • Salsa

    The Salsa Dancing society is an amazing place to meet new friends and learn a new skill. Dancing salsa is great fun and full of amazing people with weekly lessons and multiple trips.

  • Saudi

    Saudi Society aims to collaborate Saudi students at Coventry University, and to enhance their learning experience through activities, events, and academic support.

  • Sport Exercise Therapy Sciences Society

    A community for BSc Sport and Exercise Science, Sports and Exercise Therapy, MSc Sport and Exercise Nutrition, Strength and Conditioning, MRes or PhD students, or for those with an interest!

  • Sri Lankan Society

    The Sri Lankan Society wants to bring together people of Sri Lankan descent and non-Sri Lankan descent where we can all get together at Coventry University, become friends, network and have fun!

  • Stay Steppin'

    Our society is a student- led society that is a fun filled safe space to let loose, feel free and feel the beat. we aim to encourage freedom of movement as we explore genres of dance and music.

  • STEM - CU London

    STEM Soc gives you an opportunity to meet and mingle with other students studying related disciples as well out-of-timetable opportunities to explore aspects of STEM in less formal settings.

  • Student Action For Refugees (STAR)

    The society will be jointly affiliated with the STAR organisation, a national charity focused on empowering students, refugees and supporters to take positive action for refugees.

  • Student Media Society

    The media society is open to all students from any course, if you have a passion for photography, journalism, film or radio. This is the society for you.

  • Student Media Team - CU Scarborough

    We are the YourSU Media Team! We’re based in Scarborough and are actively involved in creating projects encompassing photography, videography, lighting, sound, and event tech.

  • Students with responsibilities Network - CU London

    We provide support to Parents, Care Givers, Commuter Students, Part-Time Students, Employed Students And Mature Students. We campaign, run events and support you through your university experience.

  • Sustainability Society

    Sustainability Society is all about building a community of people who promote a brighter future through sustainable development and practices. We can't wait to have you join our society and meet you!

  • Tamil Society

    Tamil society focuses on raising awareness of Tamil language and culture, through events, activities which unites students from different background and regions.

  • Theatre Society

    We are creating a friendly environment with like-minded people and having quality time together. We will allow people to express their enthusiasm and various talents for theatre.

  • Travel Club - CU London

    Interested in trips, travel and outings both in the U.K. and overseas? Join this group to find out what’s available to you!

  • United Nations

    The UN Society aims to protect and uphold the values of the United Nations within the student body of Coventry University.

  • Vegetarian and Vegan Society

    Our society uses healthy, delicious food to bring together students, no matter their diet, who want to be with like-minded people and learn more about the impact of their food choices.

  • Voices

    Voices focuses on spoken word, poetry, singing and other creative talents. They provide a space for encouragement and development of artists in a realm for creativity.

  • West Indies Society

    The West Indies Society aims to promote Caribbean culture on campus. We welcome all students who would like to learn more and get involved with events and activities provided by the society.

  • WhatNext? Coventry

    Meet the society, that's going to change society. Passionate about empowering, enlightening and inspiring BAME school pupils!

  • Women in Design

    Learn, inspire and create.

  • Women Students Network - CU London

    Open To All Who Self-Define As Women, Including Those With Complex Gender Identities Which Includes 'Woman'. We provide support to all women students, campaign for equality and run events all year.

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