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Interview With Qisz (GK)

Want to find out what Futsal could hold for you? Let’s hear from previous Cov goal keeper

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Why did you join futsal?
"I've always been a fan of football, but joining the futsal team has deepened my love for the game even more. I believe that futsal offers a unique opportunity to master essential skills like ball control before stepping onto the football field. Futsal's smaller playing area and faster pace demand precise ball-handling and quick decision-making. With more frequent touches on the ball, I can continually practice and refine my passing, receiving, and dribbling techniques. What makes joining the Cov Uni futsal team the most fun is the incredible people on the committee and the welcoming players. Whether you're a newbie or an experienced player, everyone is embraced, and we all grow and develop together as a team. This sense of unity is the most exciting part of being a part of the university team. In summary, joining the university futsal team brings me the perfect blend of physical activity, joy, and happiness, especially after a tiring day of classes. For me, futsal is not just a sport; it's a fulfilling and enjoyable part of my life, and I cherish every moment on the pitch

What is your favourite memory?
My absolute favourite memory has to be the tournament we participated in at Derby last July. It was a momentous occasion as it marked our first tournament of the year. What made it truly special was the remarkable progress we showcased. Despite being a relatively new and still developing, we came together as a team to deliver a futsal game that was both disciplined and organized. Our dedication and hard work paid off, as we managed to keep the score line as tight as possible, losing narrowly with a 1-0 score line to a more experienced and skilled team. That moment, standing on the futsal court, pushing ourselves to the limit, and seeing how far we've come, was an achievement we should all be immensely proud of. It proved that with determination and teamwork, we can overcome any challenge and continue our journey of growth. It's a memory that inspires us to strive for even greater success and makes me proud to be part of such an incredible team

What do you think about the Futsal Sport?
I think futsal is a good sport for people who are into football to get started or tried at least once in their life. It offers many positivity such as skill development, quick decision making in such a small and close space. Futsal is also great for people who looking to get their fitness as it's such a fast paced game that requires them running up and down the field throughout the duration of the game.




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