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CU Coventry Student Voice Meetings Block 2

Find out when the Student Voice Meeting is and how you can get involved

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What is a Student Voice Meeting?

Student Voice Meeting is a chance for all course representatives to raise both positive and constructive feedback about their courses collected from their classmates. These are chaired and minuted by Your Senior Course Reps. The meetings happen once every block in Week 4 or Week 5.

How can you get involved?

Find out who your course representative is and give them your feedback. Remember, feedback can be both positive and constructive. You can also submit your feedback online by filling out this form.

When are they happening?

Health and Social Care: Monday 21st November 1pm to 2pm

Health and Life Sciences: Friday 25th November 1pm to 2pm

Engineering and Digital Technologies: Monday 28th November 1pm to 2pm

Business Management and Tourism: Wednesday 30th November 1pm to 2pm

Accounting, Law, Finance, and Policing: Thursday 1st December 1pm to 2pm

Should you have any questions, please get in touch by emailing us at


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