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Lanchester library

Just over a week ago, our fantastic reps met up with Library Staff in a feedback meeting with them. The session was incredibly helpful to both the Library and the Reps and we are pleased to announce a number of Rep wins as a result.


Rep Feedback: PCs and Macs not working in the Library

Library Response:

The Evening and Weekend Library team have carried out a full audit and checked every PC and Mac in the library. Macs and PCs on floor 2 are now all working. In addition, all the keyboards and mice on Macs have been replaced on floor 2.

With regards to the Post Graduate reading room, Ground Floor, Floor 1 and Floor 3, the team found that 8 machines had been unplugged. These are now working. Machines that were found to be faulty have been reported to Digital Services

Moving forward, Digital Services staff have extended the role of junior technician to include regular checks on equipment in the library. However, please, could all students report any faults to a member of library staff as soon as they notice an issue. (Just let a member of staff know which floor and the location of the machine). The member of library staff will place an ‘out of order’ notice on the PC or Mac and log a fault call the same day. Hopefully, this will ensure that faulty equipment is replaced/fixed at the earliest opportunity.


Rep Feedback: Laptops –Difficulty logging onto the Network

Library Response:

The Library Digital Systems Engineer has looked into this issue and believes the logging on problem is connected with another issue that is currently being worked on. This job has already been logged and is still showing as active. A solution is expected before the start of semester 3.


Rep Feedback: Locate Logging Off after a short period when working off campus

Library Response:

The Head of Electronic and Network Services confirmed that Locate is currently set to log off after 30 minutes. Following feedback from the CUSU meeting, the log off time will be increased to 60 minutes. This will be rolled out across all campuses.


Rep Feedback: Laptops – Length of time these can be borrowed

Library Response:

Laptops are issued for 4 hours and should be returned by the due time indicated on the receipt in order to avoid any charges. However, there is no limit on the number of times that you can borrow a laptop each day. This means that once you have returned a laptop within 4 hours, then you can borrow another for a further 4 hours.


Rep Feedback: How long does it take to receive a Document Delivery request?

Library Response:

It all depends on what you are asking for, but the majority of items arrive within five to seven days (often sooner). If the item is going to be delayed library staff will let you know, or you can ask for a progress report from the Document Delivery team

Document delivery requests are free to university staff and students, the Library pays the cost on your behalf.


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