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Tabletop Society's One-Shot Week: A Week of TTRPGs!

Tabletop Society will be running a full week of one-shots every day from the 27th of September, finishing off with an in-person meetup and games session!

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Welcome one and all to a wonderful week of Tabletop RPGs led by a variety of DMs in different systems of interest (although it is mostly Dungeons and Dragons 5e)!

Commencing the week of the 27th, we will be running a series of one-shots for tabletop RPGs online every day (two games a day)! They will be run by many of our different DMs in the server and will have a variety of different skill levels and styles of play. Whether you are completely new to the tabletop gaming scene, or a grizzled veteran, we welcome all to come and play with us to just experience the games for what they are, or to find a new group of people and friends to continue playing with.

The week will be finished off with an in-person meetup to play boardgames, social deduction games and tabletop RPGs!

On the Saturday at the end of the week we'll be meeting up to have a (covid-safe) games session to get to know members new and old as well as actually get to play our beloved games in-person for the first time since March last year~

Sign-ups will be available within the week starting from the 20th:

Make sure to join and keep an eye on our Discord server  ( )  for the sign-up sheet to go live and be sure to get in quick!


Daniel Sumner
12:18am on 24 Sep 21 Hi is the discord available for the sign up because I can't get through from the link.
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