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This year we are hosting a range of complimentary development workshops for all our society committee members. The aim here is to provide you with bespoke support depending on your society category and committee role.

You will be able to book your spot in these workshops through YourSU’s website once you have been granted admin access (Give your coordinator a poke once you complete your online training).

You can view the Development Workshops Guide here.

Here are the workshops in a glance. Click on them to be redirected to the relevant page and reserve your seat. 

  1. External organisation workshop (Monday 26th September, 9:30am)
  2. Raising funds for your society (Monday 26th September, 13:30pm)
  3. Risk assessment workshop (Tuesday 27th September, 10:30am)
  4. Planning live events (Tuesday 27th September, 13:30pm)
  5. Sponsorship workshop (Wednesday 28th September, 10:30am)
  6. Guest speaker workshop (Wednesday 28th September, 13:30pm)
  7. Marketing and communications workshop (Thursday 29th September, 10:30am)
  8. Development and recognitions workshop (Thursday 29th September, 13:30pm)

Our Sexual misconduct training will run on 4 days:

  1. Tuesday 20 September 2022 (5:30pm - 7pm)
  2. Thursday 22 September 2022 (5:30pm - 7pm)
  3. Tuesday 27 September 2022 (5:30pm - 7pm)
  4. Thursday 29 September 2022 (5:30pm - 7pm)

For further support and assistance, please email

Please Note: These workshops are open to committee members only. If you are a committee member, you wiill be able to book this workshop once you have completed your online training module and gained admin access.


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