Southport Sailing Trip 2022!

Last weekend (12/11/22 - 13/11/22) CUWS took a bunch of our members up to Marine Lake in Southport to try some sailing and kayaking with quality coaches. We stayed on lakeside and had a blast learning to Sail and Kayak properly as well as going to explore Southport and the amusements, a great weekend with some incredibly memorable moments.

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James Wox becoming a pro sailor

Our Trip began on Saturday morning (12/11/22), three cars collected our passengers at 5:45am and headed up the M6 toward the North West. As we drove along, the sun began to rise and it was clear the weather was going to be on our side as the dark clouds cleared and the blue sky slowly emerged. After a clear 2 hour drive and a small maccies breakfast stop on route, we arrived at Waterside Lodge, Southport, to meet our Trip Sec, Sam and get settled into the lodge before preparing to sail.

Our coaches began to arrive and we all began to get kitted up in our wetsuits and bouyancy aids, before getting a safety talk from the sailing team. In this talk, we discovered Ben had a special trait. He announced he was a DI (Dinghey Instructor) and thus his nickname was born. Inevitably as a DI, Ben was asked to set up a sail on one of the Omega Boats we were using. Even more inevitably, he managed to break the boom off the mast and shear the metal connecting them in true DI fashion. Of course he then began to say "It was always going to break, at least it happened here and not when we're out on the water." Sure DI, sure.

We spent the morning sailing, some more successfully than others as we moved across Marine Lake, avoiding each other and the junior sailing races that went on around us. After a few close calls, unfortunately we all came in for lunch relatively dry and unscathed and then proceeded to trudge to maccies next door for a quick lunch stop before heading back on the water.

A succesful day sailing, we proceeded to go get food, clean ourselves up and chilled out for the rest of the night. Some chose to watch Surfs Up and chill out in the lodge while a couple of the group decided to go explore the renowned Southport Nightlife.

The next morning, we all sorted breakfast and a new set of coaches arrived to take us out on their new kayaks. A fantastic experience kayaking in and around the islands on the lake and the coaches were brilliant. Had a good laugh and headed in to pack away and clean the lodge ready to leave.

Once it was all tidied, some of us headed back off to cov whilst some of us went to finally grab some lunch in southport before driving back home for about 6ish. A fantastic trip which went by flawlessly. Massive thanks to Waterside Lodge for providing their accomodation and coaches for such great value. We can't wait for our next trip next semester!

If you wanna join us, go to our minisite and have a look. Show you're interested and get a membership and we can get you in our group chat and recieve emails about future trips and socials! Hopefully see you soon.



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