The National Union of Students, commonly known as NUS, is a confederate associaiton of around 600 Students' Unions, representing the interests of more than seven million students across higher education and further education.

NUS was founded in 1922 and has been championing students' views and social change, supporting Students' Unions locally to do the same. For Students’ Unions to be a member of NUS they need to ‘affiliate’, with new affiliations approved at the NUS National Conference that happens every year with representatives from all member Unions. The National Conference is also where delegates from member unions discuss campaigns, policy and elect the NUS Officer Team.

In 2017, NUS embarked on a turnaround project to see itself out of some financial difficulties and to modernise the organisation. Since then, Students’ Union affiliations have been split into affiliation to two separate organisations. These are:

  1. NUS-UK

    This is the democratic campaigning arm of NUS. Affiliation costs for the SU are £30,000.

  2. NUS Charity

    This is the arm fo NUS that support the development of Students' Unions. Affiliation costs for the SU are £7,500.

What does NUS-UK Cover?

NUS UK covers the democratic, campaigning and policy making part of NUS. This allows the Students’ Union to send delegates to NUS democratic events, such as National Conference and Liberation Conference, and to actively engage in the campaigning and policy making of NUS.

NUS Delegates

NUS hold an annual National Conference, in addition to a Liberation Conference, where your Students' Union sends a delegation to represent your views on national campaigns, policy work and officers. You elect your NUS delegates each year to champion your voice.


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