Complaints Against the University

If you are unhappy with your university experience, you have the option of exploring a formal complaint against the university. A complaint could be about wrong information, staff behaviour, poor service, the way a course is run, or if the University has not followed regulations properly.

If you want the problem resolved less formally, you can go through the Conciliation process, or speak to your Course Rep.

The University's regulations state that complaints raised more than 3 months from the events in question will generally not be considered. There are some circumstances where complaints raised after 3 months are accepted and we would reccomend speaking with a member of Your Advice Service if this applies to you.

Tips to writing a complaint:

  • Open by describing the problem (a timeline of events can be useful)
  • The writing should be clear and polite. Do not use rhetorical questions
  • Mention any attempts you’ve made to fix the complaint
  • Close with the outcome which you want
  • Include any evidence that supports your complaint (such as emails and letters)

If you're struggling to write your complaint, download our complaint template here.

How we can help you:

Your Advice Service is happy to proof read complaints before you send them and to help you move to the next stage of the complaint process if you are unhappy with an outcome. We can also discuss your complaint with you before submitting to discuss if a complaint is the best option for you and explain how the process will work.

You can contact Your Advice Service by completing our online enquiry form.

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